The Band

the inmates

International musicians of mystery est. 2010

The Soul Convicts are a professional 10-piece soul and funk band with a five-piece horn section that will blow you away!

From opening for Madness in front of a 20,000-strong crowd to being flown into Nice in France, we’ve been called upon to provide music for all occasions.  While we can be found up and down the country at various theatres and corporate events (such as the F1 Grand Prix!), we pride ourselves on providing the best entertainment for any occasion – especially private functions and weddings!

The band boasts musicians of an exceptionally high calibre – many of whom have studied their craft at degree level or higher.  With bespoke packages and additional services available, we know that we’re the most affordable band of this size and quality.

Top Dog

Section: Top Dog
Name: Danny Finn
Instrument: Vocals
Bio: An experienced front man and session singer from Blackburn. He can swing it up with Frank Sinatra or get down and dirty with Stevie Wonder and is the perfect MC for the evening.

Death Row Horns

Section: Death Row Horns
Name: Paddy Higginson
Instrument: Alto Sax
Bio:  A graduate from Leeds college of music, Paddy’s versatility and fierce sound leads the saxophone section with style. He is head of music at a secondary school in Blackburn.

Section: Death Row Horns
Name: Liz Nightingale
Instrument: Tenor Sax
Bio:  Liz formed the band in the very beginning as an outlet for her deep passion for funk and soul music. She fills out the horn section with funky sounds and is a graduate from Preston University’s Music Practice Course.

Section: Death Row Horns
Name: Lindsey Middleton
Instrument: Baritone Sax
Bio: No horn section is complete without it and Linds knows just how to make those low notes sound. A multi-instrumentalist with a soulful and authentic edge, Lindsey is a wonderful addition to any group.

Section: Death Row Horns
Name: Matt Clare
Instrument: Trumpet
Bio: Besides having a lovely head of hair, Matt is an experienced musician and teacher. His super range gives the horn section the ‘wow’ factor!

Section: Death Row Horns
Name: Adam Handford
Instrument: Trumpet
Bio: A first time offender, Adam is a multi-instrumentalist and composer with a flare for the theatrics. He’s recently graduated from The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts with 1st Class Honours. Recently found tour with the Simon and Garfunkel through the years show, however his terrible dance moves are simply “stolen goods!”

The Lifers

Section: The Lifers
Name: Gregory Harper
Instrument: Bass
Bio: Greg graduated from Salford University’s in 2013 with 1st Class Hons in B.A. Music and is currently studying for his Masters Degree. Greg is an experienced musician and arranger, who plays and records with various different acts all over the country. For more info seek –

Section: The Lifers
Name: Curtis Gould
Instrument: Guitar
Bio: Curt is one of the most versatile musicians around. He’s played on albums recorded in Abbey Road, played musicals over on Broadway, plays solo guitar arrangements for wedding receptions/dinners and is a music educator. Curt recently received two Honorary Degrees – one for Music Practitioner and the other for Music Business.

Section: The Lifers
Name: Neil Cannings
Instrument: Keyboards
Bio: Neil lives and breathes funk and all it’s associated grooves. His knowledge of the genre is unmatched by anyone in the band and he brings a wonderfully funky vibe to proceedings.

Section: The Lifers
Name: Elliot Chapman
Instrument: Drums
Bio: When Elliot was accepted into the prestigious Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts in 2012, none of us were surprised – he really is a fantastic drummer who plays tastefully and effectively but provides the musical fireworks when required.

Fizzy Blonde

Section: Petty Crimes
Name: Fizzy & Blonde
Instrument: BVs
Bio: Fizzy and Blonde join the Cons for their theatre performances where they provide backing vocal/dance support. They have recently featured on Alexander O’Neals latest album and are talented individual singers in their own right.